Who’s next?

At Solid Drone, we have developed the ultimate drone for resellers just like you. It is a lot more versatile than a DJI, strong and very well-built. And it provides a great opportunity for you to enter the professional market at a very compelling price level. So, are you next?

Brand it anyway you like!

A Solid Drone comes standard with our brand name. But we take pride in the fact that you choose our product. Not in the fact that our brandname is on it. So we offer you the unique opportunity to put your brand on our Solid Drone. Or your customer’s brand. Whatever you think is best to sell your products to your customers.

With or without camera or sensor

You can order a Solid Drone as a bare drone or with any camera or senor pre-installed. Out drone has a maximum takeoff weight of 4 or 5 kilograms (depending on your local legislation) and allows for 400 grams of added weight. If you tell us what camera or sensor you want to use, we’ll preinstall all the right wiring and fixtures.

Multi-camera options

A camera or sensor can easily be mounted on a Solid Drone because of its quick-release system. The design allows for mounting both under the belly and on the top.

Smart Robust Design

In most drones, the GPS antenna is a very vulnerable item that easily gets damaged. We integrated this antenna in a handlebar to avoid this damage – and make the drone easier to lift.

Developed for Business

Our drone is designed for professional use in an environment under all circumstances. So it is not just dust- aand rainproof, but it also has an out-standing build quality.

  • Simple cloud software
  • Multiple cams options
  • 37 min. flytime
  • Rain and mud proof
  • Easy to use
  • Vandal-proof
  • Light weight – 3,3 kg

Become a reseller

Call: +31 6 11 12 32 79 or email: info@solid-drone.com


You see a business opportunity,
we’ve got the drone for it.

Easy fly

We take great pride in the software we use. In many professional environments, most people are unfamiliar with flying drones and putting the opportunity drones offer to practice. Therefore, we habve worked hard to make using out drone as easy as possible. And we take pride in the fact that farmers, security officers and government bodies all over the world (just to name a few examples) have learned how to operate our drones and get results within hours.

We are global

We have been building and selling drones since 2013. And today, we have customers all over the world. Recently we shipped drones to the Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Australia, Czech Republic, Rumania, Greece, Croatia, Moldavia, Austria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Switzerland.